Creating Memories that last a lifetime


Life can be very unfair sometimes and it takes away some special people whom we love the most. At, Luna sol memories, we offer bereavement Castings for our angels that are now sleeping. That time is a heart-breaking period for the family going through this situation. Through our castings, we offer the family a sweet memory of your loved one which they can take home and cherish for life. 

We treat every client with sensitivity and compassion. The bereavement Castings are tricky, and we always prefer to talk to someone else to arrange for the timings, usually the funeral director etc. This communicating person can also be your friend or a family member. We strive hard to offer the families an irreplaceable memorial of their child. We have a good and successful memory making method keeping in mind the safety of your loved one.

We feel lucky to be able to offer this service and seek blessings from the parents of the families. These bereavement Castings can be a great help to the parents in the healing process after losing a special person in their life. If you have any further queries, please feel free to contact us on or (407)926-8305